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Saturday, March 26, 2011


To increase the sensitivity of carp bite, use super kenur. Kenur high-tech has a small diameter for the same power in kenur monofilament. Braided Line or kenur this super low stretch properties (tenuous power / low elongation), thus increasing the sensitivity, ease tertancapnya mouth of the fish means not require a jolt that is too hard, small diameter enhance camouflage or in other words minimizing the shadow that can be seen fishing kenur . However it is strongly recommended this super kenur to be combined with fishing rod and the rollers which is devoted to super kenur to obtain the maximum performance, as an example of Spectra Spider Wire ~ 15 lb 10 lb test with Spider Spider Cast Cast Rod and Reel Mitchell SC 30 products. So kenur super sensation can be applied optimally. But if you just want to feel the greatness of this super kenur, please use a somewhat flexible rod, reduce pressure drag and play gently when jerking or playing fish. In addition to the above super kenur, to increase sensitivity to the strike or bite of fish. Use your index finger, while holding the fishing rod is out of touch kenur rollers with a forefinger. The fish that bite will be felt fine even your finger.
Get used to it after throwing the bait for not immediately tighten kenur. Close the bail arm rollers are opened when will throw earlier. Hold the first fishing rod or can also be put on the mat rod. Note kenur floating in the water, roll slightly to straighten kenur. Let kenur slowly sinking from afar. Shortly after throwing the last is the beginning of time to pay attention kenur, as so often in pond carp bait new Galatama split water fall. See kenur movement that developed gradually or rapidly, her movements like a snake or a train moving forward, it's time to strike (pull rod).
Have you ever seen a pegalatama who was mengketuk-tap the handle of the rod that rests on cagaknya. Banging action rod is not without reason, nor because anglers are stressed because they do not pull the fish. The knock on the rod fishing rod will transmit the vibrations through kenur directly to bait. If the rod taken any action, then there is a fine carp suck the bait but immediately spat it out because it realizes it has the burden of bait or kenur ballast. And when that time pemancingnya active rod banged on the bait fish that are draining it will be shocked by the vibrations it receives to make the fish ran away while trying to spit the bait and fish his running motion would make the hook stuck with sendirirnya at the mouth of the fish.
Do not ignore the air bubbles or seepage that swirled around the walls of the pool deck or not far in front of the stall. It could not be ascertained whether it is a goldfish or a super-sized carp, but no harm in trying. Bait should not bomb attached to a series, simply sprinkle the seepage direction earlier. Use a small bait, if you can lower the bait slowly so as not to startle the fish. Settings hope reduced drag. Tilt rod or minimize the resulting corner and obstinate kenur pool so that the direction kenur be slanted or upright, be patient because the fish did not immediately take the bait. Small movements of the rod tip is dipped into the water indicates the presence of fish. Do digentak used except when absolutely sure, because the motion that was due to a tersenggol kenur fish or fish is menggoser or cleaning of the pond with the fins and the bottom of the body. Replace if bait is not eaten for a while. Patience will be successful when all of a sudden the rod tip dipped real rapids or a scream because kenur taken fish.

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