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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mackerel is a fish that consists of several species of the family Scombridae. This fish can survive up to a depth of more than 1,000 meters. This fish is suitable for use as food was served with chilli sauce or tomato sauce. Some of the larger mackerel species, such as bluefin mackerel (bluefin mackerel), can raise their blood temperature above water temperature with muscular activity. This causes them to live in the colder water and can survive in diverse conditions. Mackerel is a fish that has a commercial value is.

Mackerel male (Wahoo)

OTHER NAME: Wahoo, Peto, Ono
TYPE: Acanthocybium Soladri
SIZE: Generally 5-25 kg, maximum + / ​​- 100 kg
WORLD RECORD: 158 pounds
CHARACTER: Generally grabbed the bait on the surface with a speed that spectacular

Spanish mackerel

 OTHER NAME: Narrow-barred Mackerel, Spaniards, Tanguigue
TYPE: Scomberomorus Commersoni
SIZE: 5-15 kg, sometimes exceeding 60 kg
WORLD RECORD: Not listed
CHARACTER: Appreciated as one of the best in sport fishing. Grabbed the bait with malignant and exhibit persistence, combined with an amazing dexterity and speed.

 King mackerel

OTHER NAME: King Mackerel, Kingfish, Sierra, Cavalla
TYPE: Scomberomorus Cavalla
SIZE: 2-25 kg, the possibility can reach 50 kg
WORLD RECORD: 90 pounds
CHARACTER: This type of swim as fast as Wahoo, although rarely recognized. However this type of very strong and is a staunch fighter in various sizes.

Cero mackerel

OTHER NAME: Cero Mackerel, Painted, Mackerel, Pintada
TYPE: Scomberomorus Regalis
SIZE: 0.5 to 2.5 kg, maximum weight is estimated at 10 kg
WORLD RECORD: 17 pounds
CHARACTER: Simply outstanding, swim very fast.

Spanish mackerel

OTHER NAME: Spanish Mackerel, Sierra
TYPE: Scomberomorus maculatus
SIZE: 0.5 to 1.5 kg, maximum weight exceeding 5 kg
WORLD RECORD: 13 pounds
CHARACTERS: Quite notable for lightweight devices, swim very fast.

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